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Jamaica quickly jumps to mind for those travelers considering a tropical destination where relaxing and unwinding in style is always top of mind. There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches and scenic hideaways for those guests to the island craving time spent lounging leisurely under the sun and beside the turquoise waves. While Jamaica is just what you need when it’s time to rejuvenate the mind and body, it’s also a place where you can let loose and let your inner child come to life in the name of thrilling fun and adventure! Between those relaxing afternoons on the beach, make sure to make time for a stop at Kool Runnings Adventure Park where family fun and adrenaline-pumping wonders await.

Endless Opportunities for Adventure

Not only does Kool Runnings Adventure Park hold the title as Jamaica’s largest water park, but it’s arguably the best as well. From water slides to amusement park rides and the many friendly sporting competitions in between, this is a place you can plan on spending the day and will find endless fun from the moment you arrive. From the Lightning Bolt to the Red Snapper, the waterpark portion of Kool Runnings Adventure Park is packed with a maze of waterslides waiting to be enjoyed. If you’re traveling here with little ones, Coconut Island provides the kid-friendly place for young children to make the most of the water and comes complete with a pirate ship structure, water fountains and age-appropriate slides too. For those that prefer to take their water adventures down the river, kayaking and bamboo rafting are always an option at this amazing establishment. If you are looking for fun things to do in Jamaica, be sure to pay a visit to this incredible park.

Rides and Games At Kool Runnings Adventure Park

When you’ve had your fill of water-based fun, move on to the amusement park and friendly competition portion of the day by enjoying go-karts, paintball and a variety of adrenaline-pumping rides. For those with strong stomachs and enthusiasm for something new, the Astronaut Experience is a must-try. This gyroscope seats up to four people at a time and moves to reflect the feeling of weightlessness in space. For those interested in picking up a Kool Runnings Adventure Park souvenir, the grounds include plenty of places to enjoy shopping as well as dining when the cravings hit. General admission to the park comes at a cost of $39.99 per person with Adventure Zone activities able to be added at an additional cost.

Things to Do Nearby

Taking time to have fun and enjoy the many opportunities for entertainment at Kool Runnings Adventure Park is sure to be an amazing moment for everyone in your traveling crew. After you’ve had your fill of the exciting stops this destination offers up, visitors are often thrilled to find out that Negril is packed with even more stops to be enjoyed and explored. When you’re looking to expand your itinerary and can’t wait to get out and see more, be sure to add these stops to the list and make the most of your time in Negril.

Savor Sunny Moments at Seven Mile Beach

Negril is notorious for its beach offerings and reigning above them all is the infamous Seven Mile Beach. Much as the name indicates this seven-mile stretch of shoreline is as pristine and inviting as it is exciting. Seven Mile Beach is particularly popular amongst locals and visitors alike, making it a place where it’s simple to mix and mingle with fellow travelers but large enough to also enjoy a moment of tranquility under the sun when you’re more in the mood for that. A variety of beachside vendors, restaurants, shops and bars line Seven Mile Beach but it’s also a place where swaying palm trees dominate the landscape and the turquoise waves and crystal-clear waters demand attention too. Come and enjoy time working on a tan or take part in the vibrant restaurant-focused atmosphere. No matter how you choose to enjoy time at Seven Mile Beach, you’ll be glad you experienced one of the most fun things to do in Jamaica.

Visit Booby Cay

If the hustle and bustle of Seven Mile Beach isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for a stop that revolves around tranquility, hop a boat over to Booby Cay and enjoy time on this secluded island snorkeling, swimming or simply indulging in the silence that awaits. Local vendors at Booby Cay tend to focus on savory seafood options, providing an authentic flavor and an afternoon that promises to be as filling as it is fun.

Attractions Nearby

When you can’t wait to experience the best of island nature, a trip to the Royal Palm Reserve won’t disappoint. This sprawling reserve is home to the Great Morass as well as a large collection of native birds that are ideal for those that love to spot. Bring your binoculars and enjoy time communing with nature in a place that’s designed to highlight the best of Mother Nature.

Adventure Awaits

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