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Rose Hall Beach Club, Montego Bay

Jamaican TreasuresAttractionsRose Hall Beach Club, Montego Bay

This is the Rose Hall Beach Club in Montego Bay!  Enjoying one of the best beaches in Jamaica, on a quiet cove on the east side of this expensive beach to have been created in Montego Bay! Yes, a lot of monies were put into creating this beach, importing the sand, planting gorgeous tall coconut trees, building very expensive wave breaking and beach saving rock groins – you can experience this beach if your villa has a private beach pass to this Rose Hall Beach Club!  (You can’t just get in here like that! It’s a privilege!) You won’t get harassed here by salespersons here! Yes! peace and quiet! Oh! There is also a very large swimming pool, washrooms, and a quaint poolside grill for hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks!

Does your Jamaican Treasures villa have a membership to this wonderful beach?

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Rose Hall Beach Club

Jamaica offers visitors the opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful tropical settings in the world, but it’s not always a secluded experience. As a popular tourist destination, it can sometimes be difficult to find that moment of beach tranquility you’ve been craving. Fortunately, Rose Hall Beach Club exists as the answer to the long sought-after question of how to achieve a truly serene experience and maintain an island-state of mind. An island getaway spot unlike any other, a trip to Rose Hall Beach Club means you’ll immerse yourself in an exclusive atmosphere of island privacy that comes with pristine enjoyment and unbeatable views.

Exclusive Beach Club Entrance- Rose Hall Beach Club In Montego Bay

Where many beaches in Montego Bay offer public access to their white sand beaches, Rose Hall Beach Club is only accessible for those who hold the required beach pass. With a beach pass in hand, guests can walk onto a meticulously maintained piece of the eastern cove that comes with beautiful detailing meant to dazzle the senses and put the mind at ease. Deep blue waters contrasting emerald green palm trees swaying gently in the breeze create the picturesque moment you’ve been longing to be a part of. Rose Hall Beach Club in Montego Bay regularly imports fresh sand to keep the beach in prime condition for those who enjoy its coastal comforts. Feel free to grab a lounge chair and take some time to enjoy the desirable quiet, listening to nothing more than waves breaking against the rocks and sand. There’s no need to worry about intrusive interruptions as a limited entrance to this area means guests will not have to worry about the hassle of beachside souvenir sales during their relaxing stay.

Beyond the Beach

If you’re up for a swim during your day at Rose Hall Beach Club but would like to avoid the salt, take a dip in the beach club’s full pool. Lined with natural stone and opened up under the warm sunlight, this is a wonderful way to spend a watery afternoon in style. The pool is lined with beach chairs for those who prefer to stay on the sidelines and soak up the sun. When you’re done lounging and are in the mood for something to eat, make your way towards the poolside grill where savory hot dogs and hamburgers are readily available to curb your cravings. Cocktails and other beverages are crafted at the on-site restaurant as well making your day at Rose Hall Beach Club a comprehensive exercise in serene island luxury.

Book Your Montego Bay Trip

When you’re looking to travel to Montego Bay and want to make sure to make time for a trip to Rose Hall Beach Club, book a beautiful villa with Jamaican Treasures and have your beach pass in hand upon arrival. Our team is here to help turn your dream vacation into a reality. Contact us today to start planning.