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Explore The Blue Mountains

Jamaican TreasuresAttractionsExplore The Blue Mountains

While The Blue Mountains are beautiful to behold, they are also home to Jamaica’s thriving coffee industry and a destination you won’t want to miss encountering more closely while you’re here. Vacation seekers who are looking for a destination that provides endless opportunities for basking under the sun don’t have to look much further than booking a trip to the island of Jamaica. From Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, this incredibly dynamic destination offers up scenic beauty and plenty of options for indulging in fun, entertainment, and flavor while you’re here. Known for Reggae, a laid-back approach to life and gorgeous landscapes, it’s often a trip to The Blue Mountains that leaves guests wildly impressed with the dynamic natural wonder this island hosts.

The Best of the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains take up a large portion of eastern Jamaica, sitting eight miles north of Kingston and stretching over 30 miles in the direction of the Caribbean Sea. The Blue Mountains provide a gorgeous view as the towering peaks are pristinely covered in lush ferns that provide an emerald covering for the many cliffsides. Dynamic elevation changes make The Blue Mountains a locale where frost and sleet are present at certain times throughout the year as well in interesting contrast to the temperate tropical climate that graces the rest of the island. The most notable and visible peak within the range is named Blue Mountain Peak which reaches an impressive 7,402 feet into the sky. Be sure you don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of Jamaica points of interest.

A Unique Natural Landmark

While The Blue Mountains are worth a visit on their own, in combination with the John Crow Mountain, the area makes up the designated Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. The valleys of these mountains house some of the most prestigious coffee growing facilities in the world as well as some of the most expensive caffeinated products on the market. The Blue Mountains are known for their rich biodiversity and in combination with the John Crow Mountains, were named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. This protected and valued status ensures these mountains will continue to thrive as natural landmarks for years to come.

Make Time to Discover Jamaica

Between the mountains, sand, and sea, there’s much to be discovered and explored when you visit Jamaica. Focus on the adventure and let the team at Jamaican Treasures take care of the booking details by making sure you’re settled into a gorgeous rental villa while you’re here. Contact us today for more information on our property portfolio and to begin planning your next trip!

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