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Explore Sunken Pirate City

Jamaican TreasuresAttractionsExplore Sunken Pirate City

The tropical splendor that awaits visitors to the beautiful island of Jamaica has long been a defining factor for guests who find themselves wanting to return to this vibrant destination year after year, driven by the many Jamaica excursions they can experience. Drawn in by the turquoise waves, emerald palm trees, and sugar white sand beaches, Jamaica is a place that offers up pristine beauty without hesitation. However, for the many gifts nature has bestowed on this island, there have also been moments throughout history where nature has been far less kind. Of all the stories of nature taking its toll, that of the Sunken Pirate City is the most well-known cautionary tale and one that travelers to Jamaica with a heart for history will be thrilled to hear, with remnants of this incident still visible below the waves.

A Story Sunken in Time

When the English took Jamaica from the Spanish in 1655, Port Royal quickly became an epicenter of lewd and lawless entertainment. As this harbor on the southeast coast of the island grew in population, its reputation became tainted with an influx in pirates, prostitutes, and liquor. To top off this trend of chaos, famed pirate Henry Morgan was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1675. Disaster struck on June 7, 1692, a massive 7.2 earthquake hit the island and the following tsunami combined with geysers and landslides pulled the majority of the original Port Royal under the sea, taking nearly 2,000 lives with it. While it was a tragedy in its own right, many saw it as a sign that cities built on destructive behaviors would ultimately pay a price.

The Sunken Pirate City Today

Over 40 feet of water covers the remains of the original city today, but it hasn’t stopped travelers, academics and researchers from finding a way to interact with this incredible pirate story from the past. Diving is allowed at the site with special access granted on the part of the Jamaican government. The majority of items that have been recovered from the Sunken Pirate City to date are on display at The Museum of History and Ethnography.

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