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If you are looking for the best attractions in Jamaica, be sure to plan a tour to the Green Grotto Caves. Jamaica is a tropical paradise that comes to life for visitors with its many lush jungles, towering mountain peaks, stretches of white sand beach and brilliant blue waves that lap at the shoreline. For those that love Reggae, Jamaica is an oasis of musical majesty and historical relevance in the form of Bob Marley himself. For those travelers with a heart for exploration, Jamaica is teeming with the opportunity to interact with amazing marine mammals, climb waterfalls and hike scenic routes. But for those who love to combine passions, Jamaica offers up a variety of landmark destinations that speak to a duality of interests. Where movie magic and natural beauty collide, the Green Grotto Caves is a major point of Jamaican interest not to be missed while you’re here.

Natural Wonder with Hollywood Heart

While the Green Grotto Caves are amazing to encounter on their own, there’s something fantastic about finding out these gorgeous rock formations were the location for the filming of the James Bond movie Live and Let Die. Whether you come to stand in the same spot as 007 or are simply thrilled to see nature’s best work up close, the Green Grotto Caves won’t disappoint. Located in Runaway Bay, the Green Gotto Caves aren’t far from either Ocho Rios or Montego Bay but do require a taxi or local guide to reach. Many travelers opt to book a group tour for added insight as to the history and geology that makes up this area. Helmets are required to tour the cave and the cost of admission is $20 per person.

Green Grotto Caves: What to Expect

A tour of the Green Grotto Caves consists of opportunities to enter two separate caves which are believed to have been dwellings for early tribal inhabitants that called the island of Jamaica home. Many believe that pirates used these caves to hide treasures while rum runners took advantage of the underground maze to keep liquor safe during prohibition. Natural bridges, stalactites, and stalagmites are intermixed with carved out pathways allowing guests to wind their way through this incredible natural structure. The rugged roots of trees from above and water pool below give this tour an other worldly feel that’s sure to captivate the mind and imagination.

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