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When you’re looking for a Jamaican restaurant that pleases the palate while providing an adrenaline rush you won’t soon forget, consider a stop at Rick’s Café. The island of Jamaica is a vacation destination that offers up seemingly endless options when it comes to locations for admiring the view and making the most of sun, sand and brilliant blue waves. While those who love to sunbath will find their fill of beautiful beaches, others who take a watersport approach to vacation will find the waves perfect for a kayak, canoe, surfboard or paddleboard. However you spend your time on this piece of paradise, you’re sure to work up an appetite in the process.

Where Thrills and Flavor Collide

Located on W. End Road in Negril, Rick’s Café isn’t hard to find with its prime location on top of a 35-foot cliff overlooking the water. This hot spot is popular with locals and tourists alike for its variety of savory menu items as much as its collection of cliff divers that use the cafes cliffside locale to take adrenaline-pumping jumps into the sea. Many travelers head to Rick’s Café to make the most of incredible sunset views with the added benefit of an unobstructed vantage point over the ocean. However, even the most beautiful sunset isn’t often distracting enough to keep your eyes from wandering over to the experienced and amateur cliff divers testing their skills from incredible heights. While anyone is welcome to give this adventurous endeavor a try, local professionals are often on-hand to perform some heart-racing dives that make a meal at Rick’s truly unforgettable.

Rick’s Café Menu Highlights

Rick’s Café is loved for its flavorful menu that features a variety of traditional and fan-favorite options perfect for the entire family. Chicken tenders, salsa, and chips, as well as buffalo wings, are always on the menu and many guests stop by to try the famous hand-crafted cocktails Rick’s serves up. An impressive seafood selection keeps those with a craving for everything from shrimp to lobster and salmon happy while vegetarians are also accommodated with a green-leaning menu section as well. Whether you’re here for the diving or the indulging, Rick’s Café is a must-try dining destination when visiting Jamaica.

Things to Do Nearby

Between the cliff diving, sunsets and spectacular flavor offered up a Rick’s Café, this is a stop that’s sure to be remembered long after you’ve left Jamaica. However, if you’re in Negril and you have time to spare, there’s plenty more to see, do and enjoy in this area! Make the most of a well-rounded itinerary by adding the following stops to your schedule and enjoying every moment of your island getaway experience.

Visit the Roaring River Park and Cave

Situated at Shrewsbury Estate, Roaring River Park and Cave is both a nature and heritage park that’s open to the public for enjoying. What was once a former slave plantation has been turned into an experience where guests can commune with nature through caves, water and land. Many visitors come here to make the most of tubing down the river through caves that include interior mineral springs ideal for taking a quick dip in the water. The area is dotted with intriguing gardens that are worth a stroll and provide a place to simply sit back and enjoy the view as well. Plan on spending a few hours of your day here and for more information on group reservations be sure to contact 876-648-6401.

Seven Mile Beach

Negril is known for its beaches and among them, Seven Mile Beach stands out as a fan favorite with good reason. Just as the name makes clear, seven miles of beautiful sugar-white sands wait to greet guests. The beach itself is known for its vast collection of Jamaican restaurants, bars and shops that make a stop at this beach as much about socializing as it is about taking time to work on a tan. Come for the sand and waves or make the most delicious dining opportunities when you find time to enjoy Seven Mile Beach in Negril.

Attractions Nearby

When you’re hoping to gain a charming new perspective during your time in Negril, a trip to the historic Negril Lighthouse will do the trick. This landmark is located on the west end and stands 66-feet tall. It was first constructed in 1894 and is recognized as one of the earliest concrete lighthouses on the island. Tours of the lighthouse are a fantastic way to get a panoramic and one of a kind view of the surrounding terrain. If your climb helps you work up an appetite, the nearby lighthouse inn offers up small and savory plate options.

The Best of Jamaica Restaurants and Island Fun

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