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By day, the island of Jamaica is a vibrant and bustling epicenter of tropical fun and excitement. Between the snorkeling, swimming, beach lounging and restaurant hopping there’s never a shortage for the best things to do in Jamaica. The endless sun, sand, and surf make daytime hours in Jamaica a treat for all who come to enjoy this piece of paradise, however, it may be the evening activities that make this destination most memorable. For those travelers looking for an incredibly unique experience when the sun goes down, be sure to find time on the itinerary for a trip to the island’s famed Luminous Lagoon during your travels.

Illuminate Your Experience

While Luminous Lagoon can be enjoyed independently, the ultimate way to see this amazing and luminous landmark is to book a tour with Island Routes Caribbean Adventures. Hop aboard your tour vessel at 7:00 pm in Montego Bay and enjoy a cocktail as you make your way towards Luminous Lagoon. This hour-long tour is available at a starting price of $60 per person with children as young as 3 years old welcome to ride along and enjoy this incredible adventure. As you sail towards the lagoon, amazing mangroves await but it’s what’s beneath the water that’s sure to thrill.

Luminous Lagoon: Nature at its Finest

It’s not hard to see where Luminous Lagoon gets its name once you arrive. Below the waves, the water begins to glow in a gorgeous shade of blue thanks to the many microscopic organisms that inhabit these waters and project phosphorescent light at night. This near-mystical phenomenon is amazing to witness and even more, fun to be a part of. Guests on this tour are invited to hop into the water for a quick swim amongst the blue light, making for some amazing vacation photos! While these microscopic organisms are harmless to humans, they are certainly unique. Luminous Lagoon holds the distinct honor of housing more of these organisms that are generally found concentrated together anywhere else. While weather conditions may affect the strength of the glow on any given day, it’s an amazing opportunity to be a part of while you’re visiting Jamaica.

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Jamaica is an incredible destination that provides thrills while the sun is high and well after it’s set. Contact the team at Jamaican Treasures when your travel plans bring you this direction and you’re looking for a gorgeous rental villa to call your own. Call us today for more information and to start planning!

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