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Experience Fire Water Pond

Jamaican TreasuresAttractionsExperience Fire Water Pond

For those travelers looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure during their time in Jamaica that’s quite unlike any other available, be sure to find time to visit Fire Water Pond in St. Ann while you’re here. This amazing landmark at Runaway Bay is sure to captivate the mind and imagination, making for amazing vacation memories. As picturesque as it is filled with exciting activities that intrigue visitors from near and far, the island of Jamaica is a diverse destination that promises to be a place where rejuvenation and relaxation can be achieved in tropical style. Whether you’re craving encounters with lush rainforests, towering mountains, swaying palm trees or white sand beaches, Jamaica is a place that provides the best nature has to offer hand-in-hand with manmade wonders you won’t want to miss.

Find Your Way Off-Road

While some travelers feel confident enough to head out on a Fire Water Pond adventure independently, its remote location and difficult access roads make it a place recommended to be reached with the help of a knowledgeable and trusted local guide. This natural spring is tucked into a lush landscape in the heart of St. Ann and waits to greet visitors with it’s bubbling appeal. The pond earns its name thanks to the many flammable, natural gases that hover over the surface of the water. When ignited, these gases burn above the surface making it appear the water itself is on fire much to the amazement of visitors, don’t miss your opportunity to experience one of the top Jamaica activities.

Fire Water Pond: An Exceptional Experience

Some visitors to Fire Water Pond are happy to observe the beauty and other-worldly intrigue this destination provides, but the fun doesn’t have to end here. The option to take a dip into these fiery waters is always available for those with a sense of adventure. Make the most of your visit by sliding into the pond and experiencing the heated sensation of these natural springs heated with a surface of fire. While some take this experience in stride, others seek out the chance to sit in Firewater Pond based on the many legends that state these waters possess strong healing powers. For those looking to bring relaxation into the mix, massage therapists are on-hand at the site to provide spa-level treatments as you soak. The average cost of a visit to Firewater Pond is $10 while spa-treatments come at an additional and variable cost.

Take Time to Enjoy Jamaica

The fun of a visit to Jamaica lies in the many beautiful surprises it holds for visitors. When you’re here to explore the island in the name of adventure, be sure to book a beautiful rental villa with Jamaican Treasures. Contact us today for more information on our property options and to begin planning your adventure!

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