Why We Love Almond Hill Villa!  This villa is one of the most charming in our collection in Montego Bay!  It is a 5 minutes walk to Round Hill Beach Resort and Spa which is one of Jamaica’s most exclusive boutique resorts where royalty and celebrity frequent. This is where you and your family will have beach access. The staff at Almond Hill are gems for this villa and make this villa. Bathrooms have been updated here and while this villa is not super luxury, it is one of the most comfortable and charming villas we know with a premium resort beach membership! (Thanks Nigel Lord for your Almond Hill photos below!) www.nigellord.com

IMG_2683[1]   Almond-Hill-NL17-28IMG_2685Almond-Hill-NL17-06Almond-Hill-NL17-10Almond-Hill-NL17-27

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