About Us

Jamaican Treasures is a Private Luxury Jamaica Villa Rentals company that represents over 300 beautiful villas in Jamaica.

Jamaican Treasures offers several special advantages to its clientele. Their committed and loyal team of workers is dedicated towards making your stay memorable. With the only island concierge services on board, Jamaican Treasures will do everything possible to make your holiday a luxurious and memorable.

Lisa Hendrickson-Clarke is the founder and President of Jamaican Treasures Private Luxury Villa Rentals. Lisa’s strength is her passion for the villa industry in Jamaica. Being born and brought up in Jamaica, she knows the island extremely well, the way only a local resident can. She has personally inspected each one of the 300 villas managed by her company.

Lisa’s was born in Jamaica and moved with her family to North America in 1972. She acquired her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the McMaster University in Toronto, Canada. Having her roots firmly in Jamaica, coming back to her homeland was not simply an option, it was inevitable.

Jamaican Treasures was established by Lisa with her first website, www.jamaicantreasures.com . With passion for the villa industry and a great on island co-workers, her villa collection grew rapidly from 100 to today’s collection of 300 villas in Jamaica. The ever increasing number of villas owners and clients who prefer working with Jamaican

Treasures is due to the excellent services offered by the company and the high level of trust established by Lisa in the villa industry in particular, and in Jamaica in general. Jamaican Treasures has been the most efficient and reliable company in the villa rental industry in Jamaica for several years.

Jamaican Collection was established in 2004 by Lisa due to the continued expansion of villa collections and the increasing demand for Jamaican villa rentals from an increasing number of clients.

If you are planning to visit Jamaica on your next holiday, you will appreciate your stay all the more if you embrace the distinctive character and exotic African individuality of the local populace. Jamaica offers a treasure trove of pleasurable activities and incredible options for entertainment. Diving at the world class reefs at Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay, walks and sunbathing at the palm-fringed beaches at Frenchman’s Cove or Treasure Beach or hiking tours through its nature rich terrain are all memories you will cherish for a lifetime. The pristine waterfalls, congenial fishing villages and unforgettable sunsets offer the widest range of pleasures that will have you completely enthralled by your vacation experience. Jamaican Treasures will arrange tours according to your preferences for entertainment.

If you are looking for a holiday of your life-time, a luxury Jamaican villa holiday is exactly what you need. All our villas are fully staffed with a cook, housekeeper, gardener and pool man. We have villas in several price ranges and budgets. For a very reasonable price, you will get the best possible personal service and the privacy of staying at private Jamaican villas, instead of spending your money to stay in crowded hotels and small compact rooms.

With our wonderful villas in Jamaica, you will experience the hospitality and passion of the locals and the management at Jamaican Treasures. They will do everything possible to ensure that their villa guests receive the best villa vacation, with luxuries they could only dream about. Catering to their every wish, need and desire, and then more, the little special extras will make everyone’s vacation the most memorable ever!

Apart from providing the best villas to visitors staying in Jamaica for their dream vacations, Jamaican Treasures has made valuable contributions to Jamaica. By providing jobs to the local population, Jamaican Treasures has enabled jobs to over 900 local residents, who provide wonderful Jamaica villa service for these hand selected villas in Jamaica. The loyalty and dedication of the staff reflects the deep affection and appreciation they have for Jamaican Treasures.

A large number of Jamaican Treasure’s visitors, who stay at the villas in Jamaica, come from Canada and the United States. Due to the excellent standards maintained for the maintenance of the villas and the outstanding services provided by the staff, these visitors return with profound affection for the local populace and the staff, and beautiful memories of the time spent with them. After spending the one week or two week vacations, the visitors and the staff frequently develop strong affection, resulting in requests for the same villas and staff year after year. Some families have been visiting villas in Jamaica for as long as three generations. The amazing food, luxurious villas to the economical beach cottages, the safety and comfort, and the elegant style of the villa vacation are an unparalleled experience.

For those of you, who would like to visit Jamaica for your next vacation and reside in one of the many beautiful Jamaican villas, please contact us for consultation. Jamaican Treasures will be very happy to take care of all your holiday arrangements right from the moment you arrive in Jamaica, making sure that your villa vacation is the best experience of your lifetime. Please visit the Jamaican Treasures website for more information at www.jamaicantreasures.com