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~~~~Pimento Hill Villa, Montego Bay~~~~

10/26/2018 | by Lisa | Jamaica Jamaica Villas Jamaican Treasures Villas Montego Bay Spa Treatments Visit Jamaica

Why we Love Pimento Hill?

This villa is steeped with history, with one of its guests being Queen Elizabeth who resided in the master bedroom at Pimento Hill and in the 1950’s when the jet set brought these guests to Pimento Hill such as celebrities like Noel Coward, Ella Fitzgerald, Ian Fleming, the Kennedy’s and several notable others. Pimento Hill has a lot of rich stories to tell!  Fully staffed to make this a pleasurable villa vacation, this glamorous 9,000-square-foot private estate on 6 landscaped acres overlooking the sea. A few minutes drive to the famous Round Hill Resort, your beach access is located in one of Jamaica’s most exclusive  villa resorts. Rent this wonderful villa for a week and your private driver and air conditioned van is complimentary!

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